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Thank you for visiting our Vietnam Tractors website. We are very gratified to have received many comments and/or inquiries from various countries. It appears that many people are excited about the opportunities to enter these promising business areas.

In order to supply reconditioned tractors at lower prices, we do the works at our workshop in Long An Province, Vietnam. We import used tractors from Japan to Vietnam first and those machines are carefully reconditioned here.
We will recondition tractors upon receipt of your orders. It would take ABOUT ONE MONTH after order to make shipment. Please contact us by inquiry form and we will send you our quotation.

The Process:

SELECT TRACTORS and Confirm the price

Select your tractors from our online stock list. Minimum order quantity is 8 units of tractors for a 20′ container. We can pack 8-12 units in a 20′ container or 14-18 units of tractors in a 40′ container.
We will send you our quotation for the tractors you selected. If the prices are OK, please confirm and we will send you our proforma invoice.


Payment should be made by T/T or L/C.
a) T/T
Please send 50% amount by T/T. The balance should be sent soon after shipment. We recommend T/T payment because you can save time and bank fee.
b) L/C
Please open your L/C according to our proforma invoice. L/C should be irrevocable at sight.


Upon receipt of your L/C or T/T (50%), we will disassemble your tractors and pack into a container. And then we will ship the container on a vessel. It would be done within 1-2 weeks depending on conditions.

a) In case of T/T payment
We will send you a copy of B/L by fax or Email. Then you please send us the balance by T/T. Upon receipt of the balance, we will send the shipping documents directly to you by DHL/UPS.
b) In case of L/C payment
We will present shipping documents including B/L to our bank. You will receive them through your bank.


Please consult with the local forwarder or the Customs agent in your country. You have to arrange the transportation of the container from the port to your site.


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